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Product # Title Status ISSN Country City Freq. Language Price
P35211 Bianji xuebao Active 1001-4314 China Beijing 6 Chinese $139.00
P3041 Biblioteka zhurnala "Informatika i obrazovanie". Seriia 1. Personal'nyi komp'iuter BK 0010, BK0011M Ceased n/a Russia Moskva 6 Russian $75.60
P3054 Biblioteka zhurnala "Informatika i obrazovanie". Seriia2. Personal'nyi komp'iuter UKNTS Ceased n/a Russia Moskva 4 Russian $44.80
P50195 Bilgi dergisi. Seriya Kimiya, biologiya, tibb/Zhurnal Bilgi . Seriia Khimiia, biologiia, meditsina/Journal Bilgi . Series Chemistry, Biology, Medicine Ceased n/a Azerbaijan Baki 4 English; Russian; Azerbaijani(roman) $245.00
P52670 Bilim Çocuk Active 1301-7462 Turkey Ankara 12 Turkish $476.00
P52671 Bilim ve Teknik Active 1300-3380 Turkey Ankara 12 Turkish $493.00
P6145 Biofizika Active 0006-3029 Russia Moskva 6 English; Russian $569.00
P6991 Biofizika (s ukazateliami). Vypusk razdela. RZh. Ceased 0207-8600 Russia Moskva 12 Russian $1,700.00
P11640 Biografii gosudarstvennykh, politicheskikh i obshchestvennykh deiatelei Ceased n/a Russia Moskva 4 Russian $153.00
P6146 Biokhimiia Active 0320-9725 Russia Moskva 12 English; Russian $729.00
P6993 Biokhimiia (Assimiliatsiia i metabolizm azota, belki, biosintez i metabolizm). Vypusk razdela. RZh. Ceased 0320-7633 Russia Moskva 12 Russian $534.00
P6994 Biokhimiia (Biokhimiia ksenobiotikov) (s ukazateliami). RZh. Ceased 0204-3815 Russia Moskva 12 Russian $534.00
P6992 Biokhimiia (Obshchie voprosy. Enzimologiia. Nebelkovye soedineniia. Reguliatsiia metabolizma). Vypusk razdela. RZh. Ceased 0869-4095 Russia Moskva 12 Russian $1,047.00
P52930 Biokhimiia. Vypusk razdela-toma. RZh. Ceased n/a Russia Moskva 12 Russian $1,850.00
P6141 Biologicheskie membrany Active 0233-4755 Russia Moskva 6 English; Russian $407.00
P902 Biologicheskie nauki Ceased n/a Russia Moskva irreg. Russian -
P7390 Biologie shi chimie Ceased n/a Moldova Kishinev 6 Moldovan $99.95
P4270 Biologiia moria Active 0134-3475 Russia Vladivostok 6 English; Russian $689.00
P6961 Biologiia sel'skokhoziaistvennykh zhivotnykh (s ukazateliami). Vypusk razdela. RZh. Active 0235-3105 Russia Moskva 12 Russian $1,750.00
P21136 Biologiia, geografiia zhane khimiia Suspended n/a Kazakhstan Almaty 6 Kazakh $198.00