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Product # Title Status ISSN Country City Freq. Language Price
P13733 Al'manakh "Prilozhenie k zhurnalu "Biblioteka". Bol'shie i malye biblioteki Rossii Ceased n/a Russia Moskva 2 Russian $43.00
P13734 Al'manakh "Prilozhenie k zhurnalu "Biblioteka". Spravochnik bibliotekaria Ceased n/a Russia Moskva 2 Russian $43.00
P52980 Annual Survey of Establishments: Health and Social Work Establishments Active 0116-2659 Philippines Manila 1 English $145.00
P51803 Atlas Active n/a Iran Tehran 12 Arabic; English; Persian $812.00
P7180 Atomnaia energetika. Vypusk svodnogo toma. RZh. Active 0203-5316 Russia Moskva 12 Russian $991.00
P15527 Avizo Active n/a Ukraine Kiev 52 Russian; Ukrainian $994.00
958772P Baike Zhishi.Cbian (Fumu Ketang) Active n/a China 12 Chinese $149.00
P51223 Bank-e Ettelaati-e Mohaqeqin va Motekhassesin-e Iran Active n/a Iran Tehran 1 Persian $234.00
P17428 Banknoty i monety Ukrainy Active n/a Ukraine Kiev 1 English; Ukrainian $53.00
P7696 Baspasioz shezhiresi. Kazakhstan Respublikasy Memlekettik Bibliografiialyk Kiorsetkishi Ceased n/a Kazakhstan Almaty 12 Kazakh $162.00
790601B Belaruskaia entsyklapedyia : u 18 tamakh Active 9851102954 Belarus Minsk irreg. Belarussian -
P14030 Biblio-Globus Active n/a Russia Moskva 12 Russian $256.00
P14287 Bibliografia Moldovei Ceased n/a Moldova Kishinev 1 Moldovan; Russian $113.00
879007P Bibliografia Nationala - Publicatii seriale Ceased 1221-180x Romania Bukharest 1 Romanian $196.00
P13186 Bibliografia Nationala a Romaniei teze de doctorat Active n/a Romania Bukharest 1 Romanian $392.00
P10327 Bibliograficheskii ukazatel' Signal. Seriia. Ekonomika. Voennaia tekhnika. Otrasli narodnogo khoziaistva Ceased n/a Russia Moskva 6 Russian $169.95
P10324 Bibliograficheskii ukazatel' Signal. Seriia. Elektronika. Radiotekhnika. Sviaz'. Proborostroenie. Metrologiia. Ceased n/a Russia Moskva 6 Russian $149.95
P10326 Bibliograficheskii ukazatel' Signal. Seriia. Khgimicheskaia tekhnologiia. Metallurgiia. Okhrana okruzhaiushchei sredy Ceased n/a Russia Moskva 6 Russian $129.95
P10323 Bibliograficheskii ukazatel' Signal. Seriia. Tekhnologiia, oborudovanie, materialy v mashinostroenii Ceased n/a Russia Moskva 6 Russian $149.95
P10325 Bibliograficheskii ukazatel'. Signal. Avtomatika. Vychislitel'naia tekhnika. Energetika. Elektrotekhnika Ceased n/a Russia Moskva 6 Russian $129.95