Other Services

If you prefer, you may e-mail, fax or mail your order to: e-mail to orders@eastview.com; fax to 1-952-252-1202, and by mail to East View, 10601 Wayzata Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55305 USA.  In EV Shop, you can purchase books online using our shopping cart. 

Shipping & Delivery
Information about shipping and delivery is different for each product East View offers.  You can check the status of delivery of your serials by going to Dispatch Information. This page contains information on all weeklies and monthlies, specifically when the latest issue was sent to your library, as well as the holiday schedules of central Russian newspapers.  Check the home pages of each product line for more information specific to shipping and delivery.

East View uses the most secure means of delivering your subscription to your door. All subscriptions are sent via airmail worldwide from our offices in Moscow and Kyiv. If your needs require, we also offer special delivery services, such as consolidated or expedited delivery.

Title Search
East View will gladly investigate, and try to acquire, any serial title you desire for your collection. Since we maintain the largest database of Russian / FSU / Eastern Europe serial titles in the business, in most cases your answer is already at our fingertips.

Many users of our document delivery services prefer to have their publications delivered in translation.  Translations at East View are fast and economical. For standard translation work, we charge $0.06 per word, and slightly more for urgent orders and technical translations. Please e-mail your request to info@eastview.com

Citations and Abstracts
East View's Citations and Abstracts service allows us to supplement and maintain your databases for tracking various subjects covered in the Russian/FSU serials which we sell. Areas covered to date include aviation, aerospace sciences, and social sciences.

Electronic Delivery
Electronic Delivery from East View eliminates the waiting for your publications. We have an extensive Catalog of Online Publications, and are adding new ones all the time.  East View is a leader of digital information from Russia/FSU, and we deliver the information directly to your desktop in a full-text, searchable format through our Universal Database platform.

East View supplies official standards from the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation.

East View has extensive experience in placing advertisements from companies outside Russia/FSU in central and local newspapers and serials. 

Custom Research
Our information professionals are ready to perform Custom Research for our customers. Just describe your interests, and we'll take care of the rest!

Contact Us to find out more about any of the services described here.