Digital Library Services

East View Information Services has partnered with TIND, the innovation leader in cloud-based library management systems to deliver open-source, science-grade technology to libraries for the development of Digital Archives and Institutional Repositories.

East View’s new cloud-based solutions for Digital Archives and Institutional Repositories eliminates the need for libraries to build and maintain their own systems. The new TIND Digital Archive (TIND-DA) and TIND Institutional Repository (TIND-IR) solutions fully cloud-based and equipped with powerful yet easy-to-use admin tools, enable librarians to focus on curation, growing their repositories and supporting scholarly access.

TIND Digital Archive (TIND-DA)

Powerful and flexible tools to create, manage, and view archives of any digital objects: manuscripts, monographs, maps, photos, newspaper collections and more. Digital archives can be presented in multiple ways:

  • Timeline visualization – Make your collections visually more exciting when presented as a timeline.
  • Map visualization – Geodata can be present your collections in spectacular map view.

TIND-DA also facilitates custom workflows, streamlining the creation of collection metadata creation, OCR, and data ingestion.

TIND Institutional Repository (TIND-IR)

A variety of standard or customizable tools make the content submission process simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. Librarians can easily manage, showcase and preserve digital content such as publications, preprints, theses and reports. Features include:

  • Customizable deposit forms - Deposit workflows can be customized to fit specific institutional content and approval workflows. Metadata can be pre-entered based on persistent identifiers.
  • Community collections - Organize content with community collections. Each community can be branded uniquely with a descriptive text and logo, and may even have assigned particular curators.
  • Fast and massively scalable - The sophisticated search engine is nearly instantaneous, is automatically indexed and presents intelligent ranking of search results.

Transform and Modernize your Library

Libraries will quickly benefit from the improved organization and rapid ingestion of data for processing, as well as the highly scalable and fast document retrieval to meet their most demanding needs. Whether small collections or a large amount of content, these services are quick, easy, and precise. New systems can be up and running rapidly and the content securely accessible 24/7. Automated system monitoring by skilled engineers ensures 99.9% uptime and data is backed up every four hours.

If you have large stacks of newspapers, or boxes of archival documents or microfilm, East View can help you transform them. Any content owned by the customer institution can be converted into a more accessible online resource through our comprehensive Conversion Services, including planning, digitization, and hosting.

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